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Karate Training


If you or your child would like a little one-on-one attention then we are happy to provide that!

Renshi Lisa has been practicing martial arts for over 27 years and teaching in the Lakes Region since 1999.
She is adept at understanding your learning style and teaching in a way that you can understand.

If you are preparing for a belt test, want to get more comfortable, or create a path of moving forward at a faster pace then sign up today.

A Session is:

  • A minimum of 30 minutes with Instructor
  • A maximum of 60-minutes for 1-2 students
  • A maximum of 80-minutes for 3 students

Appointment Times

  • After signing up, Renshi Lisa will email/call within 24-hours to schedule appointments.
  • Can be re-scheduled for no fee up to 2 hours before time

Price includes:

  • FIVE – Sessions for 1 or 2 students
  • Or
  • FOUR – Sessions for 3 students

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