Bushido Karate Dojo

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Karate Membership

$47.00 / month

The Karate Membership is for 2 groups.

    • Families who are signing up their PRE-SCHOOL CHILD.
    • This class is with Sensei Jordan Magiera
    • It meets on Tuesdays from 5-5:30
    • The program begins September 5, 2024
  2. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Program Members who ALSO train at BKD
    • The recreation departments require you to register and pay through their websites for tracking and liability reasons
    • Attending classes at the home dojo upgrades you to the Leadership Membership
    • This discounted monthly payment allows your child to take classes at both locations and participate in all Leadership Events

Attend as many classes as you like either at the school, online or in person.
Includes FREE Karate Tournaments 2-3 x per year.
All Karate Programs include complete access to Black Belt Academy Membership Website.
This membership does include Leadership workshops & special events for members joining after 8/18/2023.

Does not include Kung Fu Workshop in February or Karate Camp in June.

Bushido Karate Dojo is located at 966 Meadow Road in Casco Village

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