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10-Days In the Dojo: Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 and the beginning of your second week in the dojo!

On top of attending at least 1 Live Zoom class last week, you focused on getting set up in the community, learning more about karate and being a karate student, performing random acts of fitness, and utilizing the MY COURSES and ZOOM LINKS tabs in BBA.

This week, you'll continue attending Live Zoom classes, explore more of the resources available in the BBA website and how to use them, and receive more information about the benefits of becoming a BKD member, along with how to become one.

Let's begin!

Class Links look like this and they are located in the Zoom Links Tab.

8:00 am All Levels Saturday April 24

Because of the outdoor workshop happening at BKD today there is this ONE class for the Saturday morning BKD Warriors to attend. All Karate Belt Ranks welcome!
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