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10-Days In the Dojo: Day 5

Great job making it to the last day of the first week of your 10-days in the dojo!

There are only a few things to complete in MY COURSES today. Then you have the option to take the weekend to relax and celebrate your efforts you've put into this journey so far, and be rested for Day 6 on Monday.


You can celebrate your efforts by catching up on any Action Items you may have missed, or by taking some weekend classes!

Either way is up to you; you have earned whichever path you choose.

Keep an eye out for the 10-Days in the Dojo: Bonus Days Course, which has more useful information you can complete over the weekend if you wish.

Class Links look like this and they are located in the Zoom Links Tab.

8:00 am All Levels Saturday April 24

Because of the outdoor workshop happening at BKD today there is this ONE class for the Saturday morning BKD Warriors to attend. All Karate Belt Ranks welcome!
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