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10-Days In the Dojo: Day 1

This course begins on the best Monday ever: Day 1 of your 10-days in the dojo journey!

Each day in this course is organized into 2 parts:

  • short videos/information providing information that is useful for your journey.
  • a series of Action Items to complete before the day is over.

Each day's course should only take around 8 to 12 minutes, making sure the majority of your time is being spent in your dojo participating in live Zoom lessons.

Remember: the most important thing during your 10-Days in the Dojo is to go to ZOOM LINKS at the top of this page every day and find at least 2 Live Zoom classes to attend.

We're so glad you're here! Let's start getting stronger, safer, and smarter together!

Class Links look like this and they are located in the Zoom Links Tab.

Day 1: Monday (5 min.)

Day 1 Action Items

Day 2: Tuesday (7 min.)

Day 2 Action Items

Day 3: Wednesday (7 min.)

Day 3 Action Items

Day 4: Thursday (7 min.)

Day 4 Action Items

Day 5: Friday (8 min.)

Day 5 Action Items

Day 6: Monday (5 min.)

Day 6 Action Items

Day 7: Tuesday (5 min.)

Day 7 Action Items

Day 8: Wednesday (8 min.)

Day 8 Action Items

Day 9: Thursday (8 min.)

Day 9 Action Items

Day 10: Friday (8 min.)

Day 10 Action Items

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