Bushido Karate Dojo

Stronger. Safer. Smarter. Together.

We believe...

Karate practice makes your body STRONGER.

Feeling SAFER is your right.

The challenges of our practice make you SMARTER.

Martial Arts training brings people TOGETHER.

your body. your practice. your people.

Strength in Community

  • Physical conditioning for YOUR BODY
  • Purpose driven work for YOUR MIND
  • Improve CONFIDENCE and self-worth
  • Increase agility, coordination and RESPECT

Renshi Lisa Can Guide You

  • 4th Degree Black Belt in traditional karate
  • Owner Bushido Karate Dojo since 2004
  • 25 years training in Martial Arts
  • The positive effects of karate will ripple out into your life

Karate Classes in Your Home

  • Zoom live stream classes are private
  • Renshi Lisa can see you and you can see her
  • A schedule to meet your needs
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes

The Karate Dojo is Wherever YOU are!

Get Stronger. Feel Safer. Be Smarter. Train Together.

Karate at Home Shuto
  • Traditional Okinawan karate

  • Safe training environment

  • Nationwide community

  • Meet great people

  • Carve out time for you

  • Multiple locations available

  • Strong community

Here is what you need for online training

Internet connection for Zoom classes.
Clear the floor space in front of your computer: 4 steps forward, 4 steps back and 2 steps side to side.
Wear a karate uniform if you have it, or a T-shirt and long pants that won't get under your bare feet.

Here is what you get

stronger. safer. smarter. together.

  • LIVE classes with friends every week
  • Bushido Karate Dojo, Casco, Maine: In-person
  • BKD on BBA Zoom: Virtual
  • Traveling Dojo: In-Person anytime, anywhere
  • Stronger, safer and smarter recorded replays
  • Belt rank specific live and recorded classes
  • Step by Step Courses for each belt rank
  • Instructional technique and kata videos
  • Printable Journey to Black Belt Guide / Journal
  • A chance to be a part of our KARATE FAMILY

Bushido Karate Virtual Dojo Membership

Unlimited access to all of our weekly programs and rank appropriate classes.

Bushido Karate Dojo
All Access Monthly Membership

$ 97 Automatic Monthly Payments
  • Unlimited access to all LIVE Classes
  • LIVE Karate Classes to punch, kick and block together
  • LIVE Tai Chi Classes for stress reduction
  • LIVE Karate Workout Classes to make you stronger
  • Archive of over 100 class replays for all ages and abilities
  • Recorded lessons for every belt rank
  • Kata Videos for both learning and practice
  • Belt Rank Level Courses delivered over time
  • Martial Arts Journal to track your journey
  • Membership Includes Traveling Dojo anywhere we go

An Anchor in the storm

I began teaching after school kids karate programs in the Lakes Region of Maine, in 1999. In 2004, My husband Eric, daughter Jordan, son Nicholas and I became the owners of Bushido Karate Dojo.

Owning your own business is a lot like being a black belt. Perseverance is a skill, developed over time and it's the hard times that teach it the best. 

I once felt trapped, like the giant in Gulliver's Travels; held down by many small ropes. However, I realized that these tethers were the connections I have with my students. Not trapping me, but connecting me to the commitments we'd made to each other.
A student is the anchor to the teacher.

This crisis will end. That is the nature of things. Much will change. 

My hope is that my family and I may be an anchor for you and your family. Keeping you safe in the storm. Connected to each other and holding on tight.

Stronger. Safer. Smarter. Together. 

Renshi Lisa Magiera

"I will see you in the dojo."

~ Renshi Lisa Magiera

4th Degree Black Belt
Owner, Bushido Karate Dojo

Stronger. Safer. Smarter. Together.

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